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Starting the episode is the weekly news with Abigail Ali.Topics featured are the Full Frame Summer Roadshow, Raleigh Women Social Club Chapter, RALtoday Drink Up Week. Recommendations on where to watch "Where The Crawdads Sing" and the Wake County planning three new nature preserves. Following the weekly news, Abigail and Brian list off abortion resources and pro-choice organizations in the Triangle.

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Hello, everyone. I'm Brian Jurado the Public Affairs Director here at WKNC. For today's episode of Eye on the Triangle, I'm joined by technician news editor Abigail Lee. She's going to run through news and events going on in the area. Following the weekly news Eye on the Triangle wanted to list off pro choice resources in North Carolina. This is in response to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade. Thank you

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Hello guys, this is Eye on the Triangle. This is Abigail Ali, the news editor for technician and today I have brought you a few tidbits and some recommendations just because it's just me today so I figured I'd throw in some extra stuff in here. Let's get into it. For my first tidbit I am going to be talking about the full frame summer roadshow that will be taking place in person for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic,

which was approximately two and a half years since it's been in person. The festival taking place in Durham Central Park will start with three screenings of films that were shown virtually during the pandemic. These screenings include never too late the Doc Severinsen story being screened Monday, August 1, Storm Lake Monday, August 15. And Mama bears also Monday, August 29. These events are free and open to the public. Check out full frame fest.org For more information about the event and how to get there and all the goodies you should bring with you.

I thought this event would be super fun to attend because I have never been to a film festival and this series as a part of full frame documentary festival would be such a fun way to dip your toes into that kind of world and get a feel for it before full frame documentary film festivals big festival in the spring. It sounds like a really great time. My second news tidbit is about wait county creating three new nature preserves. Wait county is adding three more preserves to its already three established preserves, which include Roberts Mill Pond, Turnipseed and Sandy pines. The new preserves will be named Buffalo Creek, Little River and Swift Creek. Last week, Wednesday, July 28, and Thursday, July 21, the county was asking the community what ways they would like to see the parks used. Some example of that passive ways to use the preserves includes horseback riding, walking trails, birdwatching and children's playgrounds. So keep an eye out for the result of those meetings and the progress as the preserves go through planning, design and construction.

To keep up with these projects, and what's going on with them, check out Wait county.gov For News Updates. I thought this bit of news was kind of fun because I had no clue wait county even already had nature preserves, like it makes sense because it's so big, but I just didn't realize and it's really exciting to me that they're adding more I have been in a very outdoorsy mood lately. So now I immediately want to go check them out. But I guess I'll have to wait until they open up.

I wanted to shout out some places to watch where the crawdads sing because the North Carolina bass book has been a huge hit over the past few years and news about the movie has been everywhere. And I for 1am going to see it as soon as I can. So here are a few places in Raleigh that you can go and check out some screenings. Disclaimer for this tidbit I will not be giving out times of screenings just because I know they can vary depending on the day and some might already be sold out. So to find times, be sure to check out these theaters websites ahead of time or call ahead of time to see when they're playing and you can get the right time that you want. One place you can go to watch the film is regal theaters specifically the briar Creek in North Hills locations are showing the film. I haven't been to the briar Creek location but the North Hills ones a pretty solid choice. It's fairly standard for theater and the rooms I've been in there. I've been kind of small, but I don't have a problem with that. So it's not a bad option in my opinion, and it's pretty easy to get to. It's like hitting in a shopping center. But yeah, that's one place you can go is regal theaters. The next place is Cinemark Raleigh Grande. I have never even heard of this theater

but it has really good reviews on Google and Loki, the food looks really good to that they serve. So I think it's going to be a pretty great choice if you are interested in Oh, it also has an arcade. I know that has nothing to do with where the crawdads sing. But if you're into that kind of thing, it could be a good friend, outing, I guess. Finally, the cute little historic theater, the RE alto will be playing the movie and I for one will probably be headed there simply because I love the vibes. And we love supporting local. So yeah, check it out.

If none of these places have the perfect time for you or too far, there are plenty of other theaters around the triangle area showing where the crawdads sing. So just do a little Google search. And I'm sure you can find one near you that you can watch. Next, I wanted to talk about the women's social club chapter that has just opened in Raleigh. This thing seems so cool. It's basically like, I mean, what it says a social club, this group gets together, and host events and outings where women can come together and just hang out and support each other. And it just seems so much fun. I know they have a book club, which was really intriguing to me because I love books. So yeah, and they they're already planning so many events and have started like this Saturday. I'm filming this on Thursday, the 21st. But this Saturday,

I guess it's like the 23rd they will be having a sunflower photo shoot. And I don't know it's just so cool. And I think it would be really fun to join in. So if you are interested in that kind of thing. Check it out.

The next super cool thing that's happening coming up is that RALtoday is hosting a drink up week, which is basically a partnership between them and a bunch of Raleigh based restaurants and drink spots. These restaurants have come up with themed cocktails and coffees and Kombucha is or wherever for this week. And I think they have special deals. The date for drink up is going to be July 25 through the 31st. And yeah, they're so exciting.

Some of the places participating include vault craft beer, Vita Vite, and young hearts distilling company. There's also a lot of different like coffee shops and stuff too. So you might want to check out their website and look at the list of participating restaurants and shops and stuff.

Starting back on Wednesday, August 3, from eight to 10:15pm. the Willard Hotel will start back with hosting it stargazing with Raleigh Astronomy Club.

I know Avery talked about this one time when we were hosting together last year. And she was really excited about it. I don't know if she ever went. But I do think it would be such an exciting thing to do. There'll be skywatching and the bar will be open and there will be telescopes where you can check out the sky through a fancy fancy dance. So yeah, the event is free and open to the public. So make your way down there.

The last little tidbit that I have for you today is about mid towns wellness Wednesdays in North Hills. They take place at the coastal credit union Midtown park every Wednesday at 6pm. These classes are $5 each and vary between bar hit classes and yoga and all kinds of sorts of things. So if you are interested in a core group class, check it out. Well that is all I have for you today. Thank you for joining me and sorry this was kind of all over the place.

But we will see you next time. Bye

Hello guys, welcome back to Eye on the Triangle. My name is Abigail Ali and today I am here with Brian Jurado. In response to Roe versus Wade being overturned, we wanted to let you guys know of some local resources that may help you out if you wanted to get an abortion if you simply want to support as well as places to donate since abortion is still legal in North Carolina, and getting and giving support is really important right now. We are going to start off by listing some abortion services and where you can get more information on them. The first one I have is North Durham Women's Health Center located at 400 B Crutchfield Street in Durham

And you can find information about their services at their website North Durham women's health.com. Second is Planned Parenthood located at Chapel Hill Health Center at 1765. Dobbins drive, Chapel Hill. You can learn more about them and their services at Planned parenthood.org And make sure to use the Chapel Hill location. Third is a woman's choice of Raleigh located at 33 05 Drake circle Raleigh, learn more on their website, a woman's choice in inc.com. They actually have a few locations across North Carolina. So take a look at their website and see which one you would prefer.

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Fourth is a preferred Women's Health Center of Raleigh located at 1604 Jones Franklin drive Road, Raleigh. You can learn more about their services at a pwhc.com some more resources are PoderNC which is a Latin X community organization. Their website is PoderNC.org. There is also pro choice NC, SisterSong which is the National Women of Color, reproductive justice collective, their website is sister song.net. There is also a WomenNC their website is womannc.org. For students at NC State if you are seeking emotional and civic support, you can go to the Women's Center at NC State located at 5210 and Talley Student Union, and you can learn more about them and the events and learning opportunities they have@diversity.ncsu.edu and click on women's center under the Community tab. If you would like to show your support through a donation you can donate to Carolina abortion Fund, which provides financial grants to people seeking abortions. And I also know that edge of urge a local store has been doing a fundraiser selling reproduction rights or human rights shirts. With 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Carolina abortion fund. You can also directly donate to both the NC State Women's Center and women and see through their websites or participate in their programs and events to help out.

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That is all we have for you today. Thanks again for tuning in. And we will see you guys next time. Bye.

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That is all for today's episode of Eye on the Triangle. Thank you to Abigail Ali for her triangle news and great recommendations. Moving forward I will strive to make Eye on the Triangle an informational resource. Through supporting pro choice organizations and bringing more information on the upcoming midterms. It's incredibly important to stay informed and to not dismiss prevalent issues even if they don't directly affect you. This isn't a time to be silent and Eye on the Triangle will continue to voice our support of people's rights. I hope everyone has a great rest of their week. Thank you all for listening.

Music for today's episode has been smoke jacket Blues by track tribe licensed under the YouTube Audio Library. This has been Brian Jurado from WKNC you can listen to more Eye on the Triangle episodes on wknc.org/podcast Thank you

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