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EOT 334-McKenzie Van Oss

Speaking with McKenzie Van Oss, singer, songwriter, and ballet soloist about how she's single-handedly launched her own music career centered around inclusivity, diversification, and self-impowerment. We discuss females in the music business, the benefits of genre fluidity, and the importance of being a part of a community.

EOT 333- Black Students Mental Health at NC State

Speaking with Mental Health Ambassador Elizabeth Dogbe and Prevention Services Coordinate Whitley Grant about the mental health issues that Black NC state students deal. Specifically, focusing on how NC state students should deal with their mental health issues and the servies that the counseling center provides in order to deal with these mental health issues.

EOT 332- Transfer Students

Speaking with transfer student JT Duley about his first impression of NC State. In addition, also speaking with Director Micheal Coombes about the opportunities available to NC State transfer students.

EOT 331- Pack Survivor Support Alliance

Alecsai Allen interviews Carlyn Wright-Eakes, who is the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Education Coordinator of the Women's Center at NC State, about the upcoming launch of the Pack Survivor Support Alliance (PSSA) and how to stay educated on interpersonal violence.

EOT 330 - Mike Otis

Elizabeth Esser interviews Mike Otis, the president of Battle Tested Craft Barbecue Sauce. Five percent of the company's profits go to the veterans non-profit Stop Soldier Suicide.

EOT 329 - Daniel Correa

Lise Nox interviews Daniel Correa, lead singer of Miami indie rock outfit The Collective Bus. They talk about re-adjusting to the music scene after the pandemic, the pop punk revival, his relationship with his audience and more.

EOT 328 - Santisha Walker

Elizabeth Esser interviews Santisha Walker, a registered nurse, author, entrepreneur and speaker based in Durham. They discuss her fitness apparel and wellness brand, The I AM Experience.

EOT 327 - Deborah Granick

Lise Nox speaks to Deborah Granick, NP, about mental health as it relates to COVID-19, work-life balance and maintaining relationships.

EOT 326 - Brooke Dickhart: The Joel Fund; Dr. Paul Kaloostian on Stress

On tonight's episode we have an interview with Brooke Dickhart, the executive director of the Joel Fund, a local veterans' nonprofit that recently received a federal grant to implement its therapeutic writing program at Walter Reed Medical Center. Afterwards is Elizabeth Esser's interview with Dr. Paul Kaloostian, a neurosurgeon and author. They discuss how stress cognitively affects college students.

EOT 325 - Jacob Downey, Little Raleigh Radio

Elizabeth Esser sits down with Jacob Downey to discuss his nonprofit community radio station, Little Raleigh Radio. Then, Nadia Ramlagan brings you stories from the North Carolina News Service.

EOT 324 - Seagraves Controversy; Dr. Amy Orders: NC State's Transition to In-person Instruction

Elizabeth Esser talks to Dr. Amy Orders, NC State University's Director of Emergency Management and Mission Continuity, about the return to in-person classes in the fall. Then, Eoin Trainor and Laura Mooney report on the controversy surrounding Chadwick Seagraves, a university employee accused of being a member of the Proud Boys.

EOT 323 - Adam Linstaedt: Live Music During the Pandemic; Caroline Rocheleau: Golden Mummies of Egypt Exhibit at NCMA

Elizabeth Esser talks to the North Carolina Museum of Art's Director of Research, Caroline Rocheleau, about the new Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit. Then, Lise Nox sits down with Pour House owner Adam Lindstaedt to discuss the venue's new socially distanced concerts.

EOT 322 Blakely Hildebrand: SELC's Smithfield Biogas Lawsuit; Dr. Monica Osburn: COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health 3/14/21

Blakely Hildebrand of the Southern Environmental Law Center talks about her lawsuit to stop a Smithfield and Dominion Energy-owned biogas facility in eastern North Carolina. Executive Director of the NC State University Counseling Center Dr. Monica Osburn discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic's impact on college students' mental health. The North Carolina News Service brings you stories on the 2020 Census' impact on redistricting in NC and the pandemic's impact on dental care.

EOT321 COVID-19 Year in Review 12/27/20

In this year-end retrospective, host Aaron Kling talks about what we've learned about COVID-19.

EOT320 Aarav and Arsh Parekh, Two Brothers and their Sports Podcast 11/20/20

Eye on the Triangle interviews Aarav and Arsh Parekh, two young students who used the extra time at home during the pandemic to produce a sports podcast.

EOT319 Jacob Geller, Politics and Gaming 11/13/20

Video essayist Jacob Geller discusses how the medium of video games engages its players, communicates its themes, and expresses politics.

EOT318 GROW Album and the New Hanover County NAACP 11/08/20

James Tritten of Fort Lowell Records and Deborah Maxwell of the New Hanover County NAACP discuss the upcoming indie rock album "GROW," its inspiration, and how 100% of sales will go towards community enrichment and voter education.

EOT317 Burning Coal Theatre One Hundred Words for Snow 10/18/20

An interview with Burning Coal Theatre's director Jerome Davis on their new production: One Hundred Words for Snow. Audience members are kept pandemic safe via small viewing groups and actor precautions.

EOT316 Stamps to Students 10/11/20

An interview with the volunteer group Stamps to Students on maintaining and improving voter engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EOT315 Puerto Rico 2 10/04/20

Eye on the Triangle returns to Puerto Rico, interviewing once resident Syra Seda on her memories of what Puerto Rico once was, her concerns for its present, and her hopes for its future.

EOT314 COVID-19 Update and Voter Purge 9/13/20

Eye on the Triangle interviews Doctor Elizabeth Tilson, with the Department of Human Health and Services on the prognosis for COVID-19. Afterwards, the College News Network sits down with investigative reporter Greg Palast on the purging of voters from important states ahead of the 2020 election.

EOT313 NC State SARS-CoV-2 Response 8/30/20

After the first month of returning to NC State, Eye on the Triangle speaks with students who have experienced classes during a pandemic. Has the administration responded effectively to a rapidly spreading infectious disease?

EOT312 Puerto Rico 8/09/20

Aaron Kling discusses the often lopsided relation between the United States and Puerto Rico. Topics include medical and weapons testing, the debt crises, and Hurricane Maria.

EOT311 Protests and Police Response in North Carolina 6/21/20

Eye on the Triangle talks with reporter Aaron Sanchez-Guerra and photojournalist Julia Wall from the News and Observer. The subject? Protests and aggressive police response across the North Carolina area.

EOT310 Gaming During a Pandemic 5/31/20

Video Essayist Jacob Geller discusses options for indoor activities with three select games. Between the titles Disco Elysium, Ring Fit Adventure, and Earth Defense Force, players new and old may find something entertaining within the hobby.

EOT308 Food Safety 4/19/20

Eye on the Triangle interviews Doctor Elizabeth Tilson, the North Carolina Department of Human Health and Services and Benjamin Chapman, a Food Safety specialist on proper handling of consumer goods during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

EOT307 NC Waste Lagoons Part 2 - Naeema Muhammad: Right to Harm 3/22/20

For part 2 of our story on factory farming in North Carolina, we’ll be speaking with Naeema Muhammad, the co-director of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network. Naeema has been working for years to get justice for individuals affected by industrial farming practices, and is here to tell us what KFOS Waste Lagoons do to communities. Can normal folk compete with major corporations and governmental legislation? Tune in to find out.

EOT306 NC Waste Lagoons Part 1 - Matt Wechsler: Right to Harm 2/23/20

The first of a two part series on the terrible impact of North Carolina's industrial agriculture industry on rural populations. In this episode, we interview Matt Wechsler, the director of the documentary "Right to Harm." Matt details what agricultural lagoons are, their health and dignity impacts to populations, and how communities are fighting against the manipulations of massive companies.

EOT305 Doctor Elizabeth Tilson: COVID-19 Briefing, June Dean: NC Tobacco Funding Grade of F 2/16/20

Elizabeth Tilson, the State Health Director and the Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina discusses the COVID-19 outbreak, its potential in the US, and what can be done to protect populations from its effects. The Senior Director of Advocacy at the American Lung Association, June Deen, explains how E-Cigarettes may be connected to rising incidents of decreased lung health in the US, and how North Carolinian legislature is failing to respond effectively to issues of public health.

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