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EOT 361- Weekly News with Abigail & Triangle Abortion Resources

Starting the episode is the weekly news with Abigail Ali.Topics featured are the Full Frame Summer Roadshow, Raleigh Women Social Club Chapter, RALtoday Drink Up Week. Recommendations on where to watch "Where The Crawdads Sing" and the Wake County planning three new nature preserves. Following the weekly news, Abigail and Brian list off abortion resources and pro-choice organizations in the Triangle.

EOT 360- Weekly News with Abigail & Brian

Abigail and Brian run through news and events going around the triangle.

EOT 359- Weekly News & Nick Drake Interview

Weekly News with Abigail & Brian. The second segment is an Interview with, Nick Drake, the Director of Military and Veteran Services.

EOT 358- Weekly News with Abigail, Heidi & Emily

More weekly news with Abigail, Heidi, and Emily. Informing viewers about events happening around the Triangle.

EOT 357- News In The Triangle

More weekly news with Abigail, Heidi, and Emily! The second segment is two news stories about COVID and car jacking with Caryl, Brayden, and Anna.

EOT 356-Child Abuse Prevention Month

In this epsiode, Grace raises awareness about Child Abuse Prevention Month and Abigail & Avery give their last weekly news espiode of the semester.

EOT 355- Weekly News With Abigail & Avery

We are back again with another weekly news episode with your favorites Abigail and Avery.

EOT 354- Weekly News With Abigail & Avery

In this episode, Abigail and Avery deliver weekly news to the Triangle Community.

EOT 353- Lux & Weekly News

In this episode, Jeanine Ikekhua interviewed Catherine and Emma Grace about their Non-Profit Lux. Lux is a non-profit dedicated to providing sexual violence survivors with legal aid. We will also be hearing some weekly news from Abigail and Avery.

EOT 352- Weekly News & Louise and Anne Jordan

First, weekly news from Abigail Ali and Avery Davis. Second, Grace Gidley interviews Louise and Anne Jordan, a mother-daughter team based in Raleigh.

EOT 351-Amine Raleigh Show Review

On February 28th, Jeanine Ikekhua attended the Amine show in Raleigh, NC. In this episode, she invited Hamsata Mazou and Alexis Grant to help her review the show.

EOT 350- Weekly News With Caryl, Ali & Grant

A weekly dose of the new events that occurred during the week of Feb 20th, 2022.

EOT 349- Student Rose Over $50,000

In this episode, Abigail and Avery inform listeners about current news events. In the second segment, Jeanine Ikekhua interviews, high school student, Issac Lund about his non-profit called Service Beakers.

EOT 348- Weekly News with Abigail and Avery

In this episode, Abigail and Avery inform viewers about things happening in the Triangle area.

EOT 347- Financial Literacy with Brian Sytsma

In the episode, finance expert, Brian Sytsma, gives college students advice about saving money and educates them on a wide variety of finical topics including taxes and student loans

EOT 346- New Years Special with Pack Career Chats

In this New Years Special, Marcy Bullock of Wolf Pack Career Chats at NC State reflects on how her identity has shaped her life and inspires her guests to do the same. She also dives deeper into how she has overcome fears and encourages her guests to challenge themselves this new year.

EOT 345- Alyssa Space

Jeanine Ikekhua interviews Alyssa Space. Alyssa Space is the founder of CEO of ForHer Cosmetics and MySpaceLaboratories. Specifically, Alyssa Space talks about the struggles of starting her own beauty company, the lessons she has learnt along her business journey and gives advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.

EOT 344- Hot Cocoa Crawl

Corrina Ruffieux joins Jonathon Eigenmann today to talk about the Hot Cocoa Crawl that is currently underway and about all the different types of experiences and hot chocolate that one can enjoy to their fullest. They will also discuss the Hot Cocoa Crawl's impact and what it will do for the community moving forward.

EOT 343- What is an RA?

Aria Keyser sits down with Jonathon Eigenmann to talk about what goes into being an RA at NC State as well as the responsibilities, goals, and impact it has on her school and professional life. They will also dig a little deeper into what Covid has done to impact her role and how she has adjusted to the times to do the duties she has been told to do.

EOT 342- Harambee Block Party

On October 30th, the African American Cultural Center in partnership with Veteran Affairs and Student Media hosted the Harambee block party. In this episode, Jeanine Ikekhua speaks with black students and some the African American Cultural Center's staff member about their experience as black people at NC State.

EOT 341- North Carolina Writers' Network Confrence

In this episode, Aidan Farmer interviews retiring North Carolina State University English Professor Dr. Cat Warren. She shares her thoughts on journalism, non-fiction writing, her book “What the Dog Knows,” and her panel at the Fall 2021 North Carolina Writers’ Network Conference titled, “To Tell the Truth.”

EOT 340- Mental Health First Aid Training

In this episode, Jonathan Eigenmann interviews the Director of Wellness at NC State University, Shannon DuPree. Shannon DuPree is sitting down with Jonathan Eigenmann today to talk about the mental health and substance use challenges going on today. She will also talk about the training itself and the details behind how identifying, understanding, and responding to these challenges can help participants involved in the training save a life.

EOT 339- Choosing A Career Path

In this episode, Jeanine Ikekhua speak with Marcy Bullock who is the Director of Career Development at NC State about the steps students should take in order to figure out their dream career.

EOT 338- Textbook Lending

Jonathon Eigenmann sits down today with Mia Partlow, Resource sharing Librarian at NC State. She is sitting down with him today to talk about the physical textbook lending service that is coming back with logistics and processes behind it as campus continues its path to going back to normal.

EOT 337- 30th Anniversary of Witherspoon

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Witherspoon building. In celebration, the African American Cultural Center is partnering with Military & Veteran Affairs and Student Media to host Harambee. In this episode, Jeanine Ikekhua interviewed the leaders of these departments. These leaders include the director of the African American Cultural Center ,angela gay audre, the director of Military and Veteran Services, Nick Drake, and the director of Student Media, Patrick Neal. I also interviewed former program director of the African American Culture Center, Mama Toni Thorpe. I spoke to these leaders and former leaders about their individual departments housed in the Witherspoon building and the impact of Dr. Witherspoon's legacy.

EOT 336- Burning Coal Theatre Company

Jonathon Eigenmann speaks with Artistic Director Jerome Davis to talk about the upcoming 25th anniversary season of the company and its progress from how it started to its sustainability as it continues to entertain and impress the masses.

EOT 335- Highlight Fashions Concept Show

In this episode, Owen Cutter covers the Highlight Fashion Concepts Show in Downtown Raleigh. He specifically interviews the organizer of the show, one of the designers that is featured in the show and the entertainer of the night.

EOT 334-McKenzie Van Oss

Speaking with McKenzie Van Oss, singer, songwriter, and ballet soloist about how she's single-handedly launched her own music career centered around inclusivity, diversification, and self-impowerment. We discuss females in the music business, the benefits of genre fluidity, and the importance of being a part of a community.

EOT 333- Black Students Mental Health at NC State

Speaking with Mental Health Ambassador Elizabeth Dogbe and Prevention Services Coordinate Whitley Grant about the mental health issues that Black NC state students deal. Specifically, focusing on how NC state students should deal with their mental health issues and the servies that the counseling center provides in order to deal with these mental health issues.

EOT 332- Transfer Students

Speaking with transfer student JT Duley about his first impression of NC State. In addition, also speaking with Director Micheal Coombes about the opportunities available to NC State transfer students.

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