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We are back again with another weekly news episode with your favorites Abigail and Avery.

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Hi, this is Jeanine Ikekhua and I'm the Public Affairs Director at WKNC. Radio. And today's episode is going to be weekly news with your favorites, Abigail and Avery.

Avery 0:29
Hello, and welcome back to Eye on the Triangle. This is Avery, the news editor at technician and I'm here with

Abigail 0:37
Hi, this is Abigail. I am the Assistant news editor at technician.

Avery 0:43
And today we are going to be talking about some news that has happened in and around the triangle. The way this works is that Abigail and I each have three news tidbits that we present to each other, and we get a live reaction. And you learn something, we learned something, everybody learns. It's a great time. Right? Okay, so we'll go ahead and get started. I'll start with the first one. And this is from the news and observer. So refugee students from Afghanistan are learning how to play chess to help adjust to life in Raleigh. So at Stowe Elementary School, a virtual chess lesson was taught by a grandmaster named Elshan Moradiabody in Farsi to teach the children and the effort is also to help teach the children English at the same time as teaching them chess. And apparently at the school, there's as many as 25 Afghan refugee students at school at any any given time. And chess was actually banned by the Taliban in 2001, and may be banned again under the new regime. So some students had some limited knowledge of the game. But they were all provided a chess set at the lesson to keep and to learn on. So I just thought that this was a really cute thing that this elementary school is doing to help the students adjust to have something fun for them to do and it also helps them learn English at the same time.

Abigail 2:15
Wow, that is kind of cool. I actually don't know how to play chess, so good for them.

Avery 2:21
I don't know how to play chess, but I have seen the Queen's Gambit. So it's like the same thing.

Abigail 2:25
It's like the same thing. Yeah, that's so fun. Good for them. Okay, so my first tidbit is a little short. But on April 10, the Sutherland estate and gardens will be holding a beer and wine tasting festival at the estate, which is located in Wake Forest. The tasting features music and wine and beers from Raleigh, pretty sure the music is bluegrass. So if you're into that, and you can learn more about this event on Eventbrite and more about the actual location by following their Facebook page. And there might be more reminders and stuff about the event there too.

Avery 3:04
Awesome. That's kind of similar to what I'm about to talk about. But something that I think we both probably noticed when we were doing our research for the segment is that there's a lot of cool spring outside festivals that are going on that will be kind of fun to go to.

Abigail 3:22
Yeah, Raleigh is getting all the events going.

Avery 3:25
Yeah, Raleigh is starting to be poppin. My next tidbit is that WRAL actually provides a Raleigh flower trail on its website with some of the best places to see the beautiful flowers this spring. So there are a few on there so I'm going to talk about three. And the first is the Raleigh rose garden. So if you've ever been before, it's really beautiful. It has pretty stone arches and tons of roses, which are my favorite flowers personally so that will be a really cool thing to go see. Another one is the WRAL azalea gardens. So this one is nice and close to us, NC State students, it's right across the street from campus on Western Boulevard. If you've seen the WRAL building that we've got sitting right on Western, it's right near there. I actually took my prom pictures there senior year. And so it's another really pretty spot. And then the last one this actually wasn't on WRAL's list but this is one that I've been to and that is Duke Gardens. So if you're up to drive a little farther to Durham, these gardens are also incredibly beautiful. And I went on a date here once it didn't, it didn't work out, but it wasn't because of the flowers. So great date spot, any of these that we've talked about.

Abigail 4:53
Wait, that's so cool. I actually thought about doing a flower garden thing because it's not NC State, Raleigh has so many flower gardens. It's kind of crazy, which I'm obsessed with because I love flowers. But I haven't been to enough of them to give my opinions so I'm glad you did it.

Avery 5:10
Yeah, spring is sprung, so it's time to get outside.

Abigail 5:16
Okay, you guys my next tidbit, I wanted to talk about a yoga class because I want to take one really bad and I haven't committed yet. So maybe this will change my mind, and I'll just do it. So I'm going to talk about a couple options around Raleigh. This includes the Carmichael gym at NC State, Dose yoga, which specializes in hot yoga and smoothies. And oak city yoga, which has rooftop yoga among many other locations. There are actually a lot of places around Raleigh that you can go do yoga, but these are the ones I'm going to talk about today. So for yoga classes at NC State Carmichael gym, you sign up within 24 hours of the class the, class is in one of many beautiful studios in the new fancy gym. And according to their current schedule, you have a choice of yogalaties, power yoga, flow restore, and a class that just says yoga. They even have virtual classes. For students, the standard group class is free as long as you are enrolled. Oak city yoga actually changes locations on their classes, sometimes it might be on the rooftop at the Dylan building, appreciate that's an apartment building, but don't quote me, or warm flow at Iris Coffee Lab and Vinyasa in the garden at the Raleigh Beer Garden. I know they have, like go to a few other locations. But yeah, they are around $15 per class and sometimes include treats like a free coffee. Finally, Dose yoga offers hot yoga classes and has a smoothie bar. They have four kinds of classes, including two 104 degree classes, with varying time restraints, and 80 degree glass and a non heated class. And their Instagram link, they say they offer the first class for free so that's kind of fun. Check it out.

Avery 7:12
Nice. You should have seen my face when you said 104 degrees because, absolutely not. I have no desire to do hot yoga. But for those of you who do, it's nice to know you've got some options around here. But the rooftop yoga sounds really cool.

Abigail 7:30
It looks really cool.

Avery 7:31
Yeah, especially now that the weather's getting nice I bet that feels really good. I mean, once it hits summer rooftop yoga is the same as hot yoga.

Abigail 7:38
Yeah, really, though.

Avery 7:41
But yeah, that's nice to know about. And my last tidbit is the NC wine cheese and chocolate festival will be taking place and Lafayette village on April 30. So if you've never been to Lafayette village, it's a super cute little shopping center modeled after a French village complete with its own Eiffel Tower. And most people who grew up in Raleigh have been here before I went as a preteen and acted like I was in the movie Monte Carlo. Just really fulfilling my European dreams

Abigail 8:15
As you should.

Avery 8:16
It's a really cute shopping center just in general if you've never been there before, but also this festival is coming up at the end of April. And you can taste local and international cheeses and chocolates with different wines. And there will also be live music, and it just seems like a fun Saturday activity to go and do with the girls, or the guys or everyone. But yeah.

Abigail 8:41
Yeah, Lafayette is it Lafayette village. It's so cute. I've only been there one or two times. But yeah, it's definitely fun and they always have events. So, so cute place. My last tidbit is to let you know that Dorthea Dix dog park is moving from its original location off of Biggs drive to Umstead drive. It will still be in Dorothea Dix, just a different part of it. They recently kicked off the new parks opening with a yappy hour event introducing the public to the park. According to news and observer, the new park is larger and includes natural shade and watering stations. I just wanted to quickly mention this park update because I used to take my dog to the dog park at Carolina Pines and I would frequently pass the old Dorothea Dix one. And there are so many dogs at these parks at all times. And a lot of these dogs go there like multiple times a week, consistently so it's kind of a staple. Especially people with big high energy dogs, I find, I have found that they like I don't know if some of those people go to the dog park all the time. Like it's just their thing. So I think especially with the new amenities, it it'll be a really exciting addition and especially now that summer's coming the shade and the water will be really nice.

Avery 10:07
Yeah, nice. I actually almost talked about this for a tidbit of mine. We've never had overlapping ones because, in case you guys know we don't tell each other what they are.

Abigail 10:16

Avery 10:17
But yeah, this is obviously really important for people who have dogs. Or even if you don't have dogs and you just want to go to a dog park so that you can maybe have like a meet cute with a cute dog owner. Then, then there you go. Important information.

Abigail 10:33
It's true. Well guys, that is all we have for you this week. Thanks for joining us, and we will see you next time.

Avery 10:41

Jeanine Ikekhua 10:43
Music in this episode has been North Oakland ecstasy squatter be licensed under the YouTube Audio Library. This has been Jeanine Ikekhua for WKNC Radio. Thank you for listening to today's episode. You can listen to more episodes at wknc.org/podcasts and you can also tune in every Sunday at 6pm to hear new episodes from Eye on the Triangle

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