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In this episode, Abigail and Avery inform viewers about things happening in the Triangle area.

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Avery 0:43
Hi, everyone, and welcome back to Eye on the Triangle. This is Avery and I'm the news editor at technician and I'm here with...

Abigail 0:51
Hi guys, this is Abigail I am also with the technician, I am the Assistant news editor and today we are going to bring you guys some news from around the triangle.

Avery 1:03
So the way today's segment is going to work is Abigail and I are going to present three news tidbits, each to each other. And we'll kind of have a live reaction. The other person may have heard these things, or they may have not. And so that's kind of what we're going to do. We're gonna talk about some NC State news but also some news that pertains to Raleigh and the triangle area. Okay, I'm going to start first and I'm going to talk about the fact that Ruckus Pizza is coming to Talley Student Union. So for those of you who may not know Ruckus Pizza is a popular pizza place in the triangle area. There are four locations around the area in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, and they are bringing their pizzas to Talley Student Union. They're going to be located between Jason's Deli and Los Lobos. And if you've been at NC State for a while, you know that that is kind of a cursed location. Because we have Red Sky Pizza, which was there and was abominable. Abigail's making a face, do you agree?

Abigail 2:16
I have heard terrible things. I have never tried it myself but the line is never long. I'll just say that

Avery 2:22
Right, and then I also think there was a sushi place? I don't think it lasted very long, so we're gonna see if Ruckus Pizza can break the chain. It's gonna be called Ruckus Fast Fired, and they are going to serve a variety of specialty pizzas, wings and salads. So this is really exciting. Hopefully, we can get a good pizza place on campus. College kids love pizza, and so having some nice pizza will be really exciting. So Ruckus is also owned by two NC State alumni, Robert and Ashley Worcester, who graduated in the classes of 1989 and 1991. And, is it bad that I know that that's literally the year Taylor Swift and her boyfriend were born? Oh, that's embarrassing, but you know, it's true. And two of their four children actually go to NC State in their 3rd starting in the fall of 2022. So that's really exciting. We're having some alumni come back with their business. And that's some new NC State news are excited about that, Abigail?

Abigail 3:30
I'm stoked. I love a good pizza only if it's good, though.

Avery 3:34
Right, keeping the fingers crossed.

Abigail 3:36
So my first little tidbit is from an article from The News and Observer, they are holding a chicken wing bracket leading up to the Super Bowl. The chicken wing bracket is like a sports bracket where they had a list of a bunch of local wing places. And they are going through every week and people are voting to decide which one is the best. Today, we are recording this on Wednesday, the 9th. Today the finalists were announced and it is between Heavenly Buffalo's and My Way Tavern. You can go to the News and Observer website right now to vote on who wins. I thought this was kind of crazy one because their list was so long and that was just for like the final little bracket but they had like 16 different wing joints on their list, which was kind of impressive. Like I know Raleigh is a big foodie area but that's a lot.

Avery 4:39
Yeah, it really is.

Abigail 4:41
When I first saw this, though, I was like what is a wing bracket? As somebody who eats mostly plant based and forgets that the Super Bowl exists, I was kind of taken aback at first, but once I figured out what was happening, I kind of thought it was funny and very reflective of the Super Bowl so it's kind of cute. And I think it's a really cool way of sharing local businesses.

Avery 5:04
Yeah, that's cool. I didn't know about that either. And I'm the same. I'm a vegetarian and don't care much about football, so I wouldn't have learned about that any other way. But for all of you wing connoisseurs out there, this might be something you're interested in. On a less fun note, Wake County is going to evaluate its mask mandate in two weeks. So the Raleigh mayor, Mary Ann Baldwin, has met with some Wake County Public health officials on Tuesday the 8th, to kind of see if the COVID-19 numbers were looking better in the city, and if they could stop requiring people to wear masks in public buildings. This is from an article from The News and Observer. But she asked quote, I would just ask people to please be patient, we have another meeting in two weeks, we want to look at the numbers and make sure we're doing the right thing and go from there, but I'm pleading for patience and grace. So it seems like she's getting a lot of pressure to keep the mask mandate from some people and then to take it down from other people. But it looks like she is going to reevaluate in two weeks, they also think that there's going to be some updated recommendations from the CDC in the next week or so. That's what Baldwin said. And so hopefully, we'll have an update here soon. And what does that mean for NC State? I don't know. Right now we have a mass mandate, because we are currently in Wake County, but if this were to go away, would that mean that our mask mandate would also go away? Who knows? My guess probably not. The university would probably keep the mask mandate, but that could happen. And some other news, NC State's COVID numbers have gone down. If you just check the dashboard, it's looking a lot better from the beginning of the semester. So that's encouraging, make sure you get vaccinated and boosted people!

Abigail 7:09
So another little tidbit for this week is that professional cricket is coming to North Carolina, which I think apparently to my shock it already kind of is but the city of Mooresville and Major League Cricket plan to turn Church Street Park into a multimillion dollar cricket venue within the next year. And it's going to be nice enough to hold the 2024 T-20 Cricket World Cup. And they anticipate trying to do that. It sounds like the park is going to be undertaking a lot of renovations to kind of bump up their infrastructure to be able to handle such a World Cup. Yeah, that's that the venue will also still be available to the community for local use, and is home or will be home to two local teams. First of all, I didn't know North Carolina had a cricket culture.

Avery 8:07
No I was just gonna say that. Like who would have thought they would put a multimillion dollar cricket venue in North Carolina.

Abigail 8:14

Avery 8:15
I've never met a single human being who's played cricket. I don't think

Abigail 8:18
Me neither. But apparently the park that's already there is already a cricket field. They're just going to make it professional right now, it's more recreational.

Avery 8:29
Okay, yeah, I don't have anything to say to that other than who knew. But that's kind of cool having a cricket world cup. All right. My next event that I want to shout out that's happening around Raleigh, is this cool exhibit that is happening at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences through March 20. And it's called exquisite creatures, the art of Christopher Marley. And so this is basically a exhibition, and it's called a vibrant exploration of art, nature and human need to connect with the outside world. So it's basically it says it's a collection of 350 stunning three dimensional displays of rare and real reclaimed organisms, which are organisms that have died naturally, and then they kind of repurpose their bodies and preserve them in order to make this exhibit. And when I was looking at this online, one of their kind of promotional pictures was a bunch of like really pretty beetles like iridescent beetles. Ever since I took an entomology class with Clyde Sorenson, I think bugs are cool, and so when I saw this like really pretty picture of all these like beautiful beetles, I just thought that would be really cool to go and see them and I think it's cool that they are taking these organism that died in most of them in captivity, they like died naturally. And then they're displaying them so that people can see all these beautiful creatures that they might have never seen before. And it says Christopher Marley is an Oregon based artist, naturalist and photographer. And he uses preserved specimens to illuminate the incredible diversity of nature. It also says his art attempts to break down the opposition between science and aesthetics, so I thought that was really interesting, because, you know, there's a lot of really beautiful creatures out there just crawling around and living. And just seems like a cool exhibit for anyone who's interested in science and nature, and prettiness.

Abigail 10:50
I actually saw an ad about that a little while ago, and it kind of freaked me out because dead things, but then I saw like the pictures and it actually was pretty I like saw, I had mixed emotions, but it was like a bird like a really colorful bird was part of the exhibit, which kind of freaked me out because it was just like strung up. But at the same time, it is really pretty. So I don't know how I feel about it, but it is interesting.

Avery 11:17
Here we've got some sharks, it looks like some dead sharks, and I don't know if he taxidermies some of these or how he preserves them. But I don't know, seems cool to me. And this is random, but I definitely recommend taking entomology 201 with Clyde Sorenson if you like, need a random elective because that class was so much fun, and you learn a lot about bugs.

Abigail 11:45
For my last tidbit, I wanted to shout out the technicians Valentine's Day edition that came out Thursday the 10th this week. This week's print included a lot of your normal Valentine's Day like date culture on campus, what to do for singles Valentine's Day, the best romantic movies to watch. But something I really found interesting and really appreciated about this edition was how sex positive it was. This week's print includes opinion pieces about sex stigma, sexual health pieces, sex communication classes, and topics on sex research. I just found this very, I don't know if empowering is the right word, but like, it's very nice to see people opening up and normalizing the topic of sex because it is really important as a campus full of people who are doing the things and need to know how to take care of themselves. So.

The people who are getting down.

The people who are getting it. The girls who get it, get it! Anyways, yeah, I'm just I thought it was really cool. And I love to see it.

Avery 13:01
Yeah. Yeah, we have a lot of really interesting articles. We have a funny article about different student opinions on dating. Some people really went in on dating culture in college. We also have a really good resources article. There's lots of resources about where you could go on campus to get contraceptives, mental and psychological support if you're dealing with your sexuality, STD and STI testing, just important resources that any old college student might need.

Abigail 13:43
There's also features on two really cool professors at NC State, Dr. John Stadler and Dr. Cami Kosenki. They are both sex researchers. Dr. Stadler focuses on pornography. Well, I think Kosenki just does sexual.

Avery 14:05
Sexual communication.

Abigail 14:06
Yeah, she does sexual communication. But yeah, they have great classes and are great people to talk to about all the things.

Avery 14:17
Awesome. Okay, this has been Eye on the Triangle with Avery and Abigail. We hope that you enjoyed hearing about some things that are happening around campus around the city, and just around you.

Abigail 14:33
I guess we'll see you guys next time. Thanks for having us. Bye.

Avery 14:39

Jeanine Ikekhua 14:40
Thank you for listening and you can listen to more episodes at wknc.org/podcasts and you can also tune in every Sunday at 6pm to hear new Eye on the Triangle episodes. Music in this episode has been Newsroom provided by Kevin Maclloyd.

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EOT 348- Weekly News with Abigail and Avery
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