EOT 345- Alyssa Space

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Jeanine Ikekhua interviews Alyssa Space, founder of CEO of ForHer Cosmetics and MySpaceLaboratories. Jeanine and Alyssa talk about the struggles of starting her own beauty company and the lessons she has learned along her business journey. Alyssa also gives some advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. 

Information about ForHerCosmetics:
The products include all natural lipsticks, vegan lip gloss, mineral highlighter, eyeshadow, foundation, hand sanitizer, lashes and stickers. They are all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free. ForHerCosmetics donates 5% of all sales to their non-profit arm MySpaceLaboratories. Their products help customers achieve natural beautiful looks that nourish the skin and body. 

EOT 345- Alyssa Space
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