Ellie Feaga

Ellie Feaga

Content Creator (2023-2024)

Appears in 9 Episodes

EOT 392 NC State Poe Hall Update

EOT's Ellie Fiege and NC State University Provost Warwick Arden discuss the PCB exposure at Poe Hall and how the school is addressing it.

EOT 391 Weekly News

In this news update, EOT's Ellie Feaga discusses how North Carolina's childcare industry faced funding challenges since the pandemic, North Carolina homeowners can exp...

EOT 390 Magical Moments of NCSU

EOT's Ellie Feaga speaks with Chloe Short, President of Magical Moments of NCSU, about granting wishes for children with cranial facial disorders.You'll also hear abou...

EOT 389 Weekly News

In this weekly news roundup, EOT content creator Ellie Feaga talks about President Biden's recent visit to Raleigh and his announcement of an $82 million investment in...

EOT 388 NC State Student Involvement Fair

EOT's Ellie Feaga interviews student organizations at the NC State Student Involvement Fair to provide listeners with new opportunities to get involved across campus. ...

EOT 387 - Rialto Theater

EOT's Ellie Feaga and Hayes Permar discuss the reopening of Raleigh's historic theater, the Rialto.

EOT 386 - News Roundup

Ellie does a short news roundup.

EOT 385 - Campus Security Report

Ellie Feaga talks with NC State Police Chief Daniel House on the newly released Annual Security Report, followed by Ellie's story on The NC State Fair's annual "can da...

EOT 384 - Free Moms NCSU

EOT's Ellie Feaga reports on the local organization, Free Moms NCSU. Mrs. Cecilia Dean comments on the beloved organization of local moms, dads, grandmas, and dogs tha...

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