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EOT307 NC Waste Lagoons Part 2 - Naeema Muhammad: Right to Harm 3/22/20

For part 2 of our story on factory farming in North Carolina, we’ll be speaking with Naeema Muhammad, the co-director of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network. Naeema has been working for years to get justice for individuals affected by industrial farming practices, and is here to tell us what KFOS Waste Lagoons do to communities. Can normal folk compete with major corporations and governmental legislation? Tune in to find out.

EOT306 NC Waste Lagoons Part 1 - Matt Wechsler: Right to Harm 2/23/20

The first of a two part series on the terrible impact of North Carolina's industrial agriculture industry on rural populations. In this episode, we interview Matt Wechsler, the director of the documentary "Right to Harm." Matt details what agricultural lagoons are, their health and dignity impacts to populations, and how communities are fighting against the manipulations of massive companies.

EOT305 Doctor Elizabeth Tilson: COVID-19 Briefing, June Dean: NC Tobacco Funding Grade of F 2/16/20

Elizabeth Tilson, the State Health Director and the Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina discusses the COVID-19 outbreak, its potential in the US, and what can be done to protect populations from its effects. The Senior Director of Advocacy at the American Lung Association, June Deen, explains how E-Cigarettes may be connected to rising incidents of decreased lung health in the US, and how North Carolinian legislature is failing to respond effectively to issues of public health.

EOT304 Professor Jen Neitzel: Unequal Schooling, Luke Shealy: Vertical Farming 2/02/20

Jennifer Neitzel speaks on structural and bureaucratic inequalities in the American schooling system, and what can be done to ensure that students of other races have a fair shake at a good education. Luke Shealy reports on the Vertical Farming Club at NC State. The North Carolina News Service discusses the election, manufacturing standards, and the environment.

EOT303 Professor Kami Kosenko: Sexual Communication, Aaron Kling: Birth Control Briefing 1/22/20

Professor Kami Kosenko of North Carolina State University speaks on the field of Sexual Communication: how individuals and societies broach and discuss the myriad topics of sex and gender. Afterwards, Aaron Kling breaks down birth control, what it is, what it does, why its important, and how an individual can acquire it.

EOT302 Former Governor James B Hunt Jr. , Aaron Kling: Leadership in Crisis 12/08/19

Alright folks, tonight we’ve got an interview with former Governor James B Hunt Jr. The good governor has joined us to talk about leadership in crises, North Carolina’s history of perseverance through adversity, and the role of the state’s governor. Afterwards we have Nadia Ramlagan with two stories from the North Carolina News Service, voter map correction criticisms and environmental research. Stay tuned for them!

EOT301 Jennifer Hall: Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Aaron Kling: State of Lung Cancer, North Carolina News Network 11/17/19

Tonight we have a special set for everyone; a show devoted to November’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Our guest Jennifer Hall, the Executive Director of the American Lung Association joins us once again to discuss the importance of lung health, how one can detect and defeat lung cancer, and how the Lung Association is presenting information to the public. Next, I’ll be covering the American Lung Association’s State of Lung Cancer report. America has made big gains in reducing the toll of this preventable disease, but we still have a lot to cover. Afterwards we have Nadia Ramlagan with four stories from the North Carolina News Service, keeping everyone aware of the comings and goings of North Carolina. We’re a pretty busy state!

EOT300 Andrew Mcfajen: NC State English Club, North Carolina News Service 11/10/19

On tonight’s set, our very own Benjamin Denton has hit the bricks of North Carolina State University, microphone in hand, to interview our university’s clubs, congregations, and cabals. Tonight’s order? The English Club and its officer Andrew Mcfajen. Join us as they talk writing, the power of groups in the creative process, and the benefits of putting in hours at the club. Afterwards we have four stories from the North Carolina News Service. Nadia Ramlagan disussues how Conservation Groups Challenge Repeal of Clean Water Act Protections and the passing of a bill in North Carolina enabling individuals to revoke the right of consent. 2020 Talks is tracking this year’s election process, and Arizona researchers warn that the planet’s climate is entering a period of climate emergency. Oof.

EOT299 Darrell Harris: Public Waste Sanitation, 321 Coffee 11/03/19

On tonight’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, we have an interview with Darrell Harris, a firefighter turned healthcare professional who has begun a sanitation service to address the presence of infectious diseases in public trash cans. Darrell takes to the streets in his custom built trucks, lifting, inverting, and hosing down trashcan interiors and exteriors with 200 degree jets of heated water. Afterwards, our contributor Brandon Phillips headed down to 321 Coffee to interview Lindsay Wrege Micheal Evans, Liam Dao, and. 321 Coffee is a student founded nonprofit that employees individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Brandon and co discuss the founding of 321, its future, and its first day.

EOT298 Major David Kelly: NC State Campus Police, North Carolina News Service, Zach Van Waltson: Comedic Improvisational Alliance 10/20/19

Tonight we’ve got cops and comedy, with a side order of stories from the North Carolina News Service. To start us off, I interviewed Major David Kelly the Field Operations Commander of the North Carolina University State Police on his department’s take on maintaining transparency and public safety within the NC State campus and the Raleigh Area.. Afterwards, we have Mike Clifford with the North Carolina News Service discussing the passing of Baltimore representative Elijah Cummings, the departure of Rick Perry as Energy Secretary. Then, Nadia Ramlagan will discuss grassroots attempts to monitor local air quality and the health effects of human exposure to coal ash. Finally, to wrap tonight’s show up, contributor Benjamin Denton has interviewed Zach Van Waltson of the Director of the CIA. No not THAT CIA, I mean the Comedic Improvisational Alliance here at North Carolina State.

EOT297 Cary Dental Rejuvenation: Mouth Makeover, Marilyn Shannon: Listening to the Heart of Twins 10/13/19

Tonight on Eye on the Triangle, we’ve made time for a two part tale of teeth and twins. Take a load off and tune in to hear more. Concerned about your oral health, but lack the cash to do something about it? Cary Dental Rejuvenation is hosting a charity dental event. One lucky participant can enter to win a complete, no holds barred mouth makeover. Set your sights on some pearly whites! Afterward, we chatted with Marilyn Shannon, author of the book series Just One Afternoon about her latest entry, Listening to the Heart of Twins. Come join us as we discuss Ms. Shannon’s exploration of the lives of various twins, their relationships, and their unique personal struggles.

EOT296 Brenda Tracy: #SetTheExpectation, Daniel Barris: PRSSA 9/29/19

Tonight we’ll be interviewing Brenda Tracy, the coordinator for last week’s #SetTheExpectation Football game. Brenda Tracy has devoted herself to the cause of increasing awareness of and combating crimes of sexual violence and exploitation within instutions. Afterwards, our newest contributor Benjamin Denton strode out, microphone in hand, to interview Daniel Barris of Public Relations Student Society of America. PRSSA is an organization helping students get that all important leg up in their communications field.

EOT295 Matt Brady: The Science of Rick and Morty 9/22/19

Tonight we’ll be interviewing Matt Brady, a high school science teacher turned writer and author of The Science of Rick and Morty. Join us as Matt discusses cockroach remote control, simulation theory, divergent evolutionary timelines and more.

EOT294 Alexus Rhode: Truth, Meet Story 9/15/19

This week on Eye on the Triangle we’ll be speaking with Alexus Rhone, the creator of “Truth, Meet Story, a storytelling workshop devoted to allowing individuals to express feelings of guilt and shame, recontextualizing their circumstances as a story to share with others.

EOT293 Shervon Cassism: Assistant Director of NC State Creative Writing Program, Jennifer Hall: Executive Director of the American Lung Association in NC 9/08/19

This week we have an interview with Shervon Cassim, the Assistant Director of the Creative Writing Program at NC State. He’ll be on talking about what its like living as an international student, the cityscape of Dubai, and how to leverage a degree in the Humanities. Afterwards, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian many residents are thinking about the winds and rains, but have you considered the health of your lungs? We spoke with Jennifer Hall, the Executive Director of the American Lung Association in North Carolina about what you can do to protect your lungs during a natural disaster.

EOT291 Burning Coal and North Carolina Dance Festival 9/01/19

On this week’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, we have a two part special with the arts, featuring Jeorme Davis from the Burning Coal Theatre Company discussing his company’s performance of The Container. Afterwards, we got in touch with Anne Morris of the North Carolina Dance Festival, who will be performing in Durham, mid-October.

EOT292 Robert Weiss: Founding Artistic Director of Carolina Ballet 8/28/19

On this week’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, WKNC contributor Brandon Phillips has a very special interview with Robert Weiss, the Founding Artistic Director of Carolina Ballet and its current choreographer. If you love dance or are curious about the arts, stick around!

EOT290 FAFSA and RV Legal 7/28/2019

Recently, the ACT Center for Equity in Learning reported that many students lack the most up to date information on the Pell Grant and FAFSA, resulting in a higher student/family contribution towards tuition costs. I asked Michelle Thompson to come into the studio to discuss her experiences at the Student Financial Aid Center. Afterwards, we’ll be interviewing a local legal firm thats taken its practice on the road in a recreational vehicle.

EOT289 WolfpackCareerChats 7/14/2019

On this week’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, we’ll be interviewing Marcy Bullock about her podcast here at NC State, WolfpackCareerChats. Stay tuned after the interview for a snippet of the podcast!

EOT288 Vaccine Interview and Audio Abstracts 06/30/19

On this week’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, we discuss the growing threat of treatable diseases such as measles and necessity of vaccination with Dr. Kelly Kimble. Afterwards, we’ll head over to speak with Tracey Peake of the podcast Audio Abstracts, to discuss the practice of converting scientific journals to publicly digestible information.

EOT287 NAACP Conference, Student Pulse, & Bill of Rights 6/16/19

On this week’s episode of Eye on the Triangle, we’re bringing you an interview with Sheila E Isong of the NAACP on voter infringement, a look at the Student Pulse report from Barnes and Noble, and a short announcement about the Bill of Rights in the Museum of History in Raleigh

EOT286 Sosta Cafe & Artsplosure 6/2/19

Brandon Phillips brings another episode of Packed Lunch, this time at the Sosta Cafe in Raleigh. Later, Aaron travels to Artsplosure to interview staff on the latest art installation pieces.

EOT285 Longleaf Film Festival 5/19/19

This week on EOT: Aaron attends Longleaf Film Festival to speak with Micheal, a local director and editor of a local independent film about a community’s efforts to rebuild a local theater venue. Stay tuned for a few tips from an independent filmmaker, for aspiring filmmakers.  Afterwards, we’ll stop by the Raleigh ParksExpo to speak with Leigh, the invasive species coordinator of the Raleigh Parks Service. Lots of great tips on how anyone can do their part to preserve the unique and beautiful ecology of North Carolina.

EOT284 Pack Essentials 4/23/19

Marissa speaks with Pack Essentials, a program to help student with food insecurity and other needs. Brandon Phillips also brings you another "Packed Lunch" with a stop at Sunflowers Cafe.

EOT283 Both Kinds Radio 4/9/19

On today’s show Marissa sat down with Sam, the DJ for “Both Kinds radio” to talk about what it’s like running a country and western show on WKNC, favorite artists, influences, and more. After that, we’ve got a sports recap for NC sports and more, as well as predictions for the upcoming season, provided by our newest contributor, Nick Diouli.

EOT282 We Bleed Red 4/2/19

On today’s show, Marissa and Nick interview Mia Connell of We Bleed Red about her journey working to provide free menstrual products to NC State students in Talley Student Union.

EOT281 Specialty Shows 3/5/19

On today’s show Marissa and Nick interview three DJs from some of WKNC’s longest running specialty shows. Frist, they interview DJ CJ and Stella Blue from “Americana, Blues & Company.” Then they interview Dottore Barba Rossa from “Mystery Roach.”

EOT280 Period @ NC State 2/26/19

Marissa talks about why and how earth science education should change. Then, Mere Wood debuts her first piece. This week, she interviewed a collection of students about menstruation in an effort to start the conversation about destigmatizing periods on campus.

EOT279 Packed Lunch: Jerry's Grill 1/15/19

For this week’s show, Brandon Phillips does a deep dive on local burger joint Jerry’s Grill, and has a fascinating talk with its owner. We also review the film "Overlord."

EOT278 Raleigh Union Station 11/06/18

For today’s show, we’re looking at a recent addition to the city designed to help improve this aspect of our growth has been the Raleigh Union Station. Nick interviewed David Eatman, the official Transit Administrator of Raleigh to bring to light some of the important features of the new station and what the city is looking to towards the future.

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