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EOT 359- Weekly News & Nick Drake Interview

Weekly News with Abigail & Brian. The second segment is an Interview with, Nick Drake, the Director of Military and Veteran Services.

EOT 358- Weekly News with Abigail, Heidi & Emily

More weekly news with Abigail, Heidi, and Emily. Informing viewers about events happening around the Triangle.

EOT 357- News In The Triangle

More weekly news with Abigail, Heidi, and Emily! The second segment is two news stories about COVID and car jacking with Caryl, Brayden, and Anna.

EOT 356-Child Abuse Prevention Month

In this epsiode, Grace raises awareness about Child Abuse Prevention Month and Abigail & Avery give their last weekly news espiode of the semester.

EOT 355- Weekly News With Abigail & Avery

We are back again with another weekly news episode with your favorites Abigail and Avery.

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